A lifestyle luxury hotel near Covent Garden, London

Immerse yourself in the soul of the city

Rooms and suites

A harmonious blend of beautiful design and timeless luxury

Our hotel is close to Covent Garden, one of London's most vibrant neighbourhoods. Our beautiful bedrooms blend sustainably sourced materials with state-of-the-art amenities. And with energy of the city never far away, you can rest assured your stay will always be memorable.

In music, a middle eight injects variety into a song; it lifts the composition by changing key or tempo. Our hotel does the same. It adds to the vibrant, bustling nature of Covent Garden and offers something new and exciting whilst still feeling very much part of the neighbourhood. In all of this, you will be looked after by a team whose focus is luxury with a conscience. We aim to maximise your comfort and minimise waste without compromising on service.

Christian Graf, General Manager

Food, drink and events

Discover culinary delights from dawn until dusk

With an authentic, Italian-inspired restaurant, a laid-back bar and lounge, and a hidden basement bar that showcases top musical and performance talent, alongside globally inspired dishes and an eclectic drinks menu, our boutique hotel in Holborn is a place to drink and dine from dawn until dusk.

Due to current restrictions on live event venues, QT is currently closed. If you would like to enquire about private hire for QT please contact us.


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